Planning events and holidays

Hoteliers, Keep a Track of Events and Holidays To Increase your Revenue Many Folds

For hoteliers, pricing can be a dizzying task, especially how the cost of the same room at the same time can vary dramatically from one date to the next. Especially for the dates that have some important events scheduled. Events and holidays are a high business period for hotels. However, there is definitely a technique to the seeming craziness.

Ankur, Deanna Jayasundera and the team of Theme Spas And Resorts

The Brilliant Hotelier: Face to face with Deanna Jayasundera from Theme Resorts and Spas, Sri Lanka

Image (from left to right): Ankur Yadav, Manager Sales, RateGain (extreme left), Kunwardeep Singh, Manager Account Management, RateGain (extreme right), Deanna Jeyasundera, AM, E-commerce and the rest of the team of Theme Resorts and Spas, Sri Lanka. Theme Resorts and Spa’s, celebrated to feature some of the best resorts in Sri Lanka offers a new concept…

The Brilliant Hotelier: Face 2 Face with Ria Roberto, the Director of Revenue Management at Kenz Hotel Management, UAE

  Image Credit: Experience true grandeur at the Al Manzel Hotel Apartments, right in the middle of the commercial district of Abu Dhabi, the city better known as ‘The Las Vegas of Middle Eastern Dubai’. This alluring property effortlessly captures the city’s essence, which reverberates in a bespoke and artistically stimulating ambiance. On one…