Planning events and holidays

Hoteliers, Keep a Track of Events and Holidays To Increase your Revenue Many Folds

For hoteliers, pricing can be a dizzying task, especially how the cost of the same room at the same time can vary dramatically from one date to the next. Especially for the dates that have some important events scheduled. Events and holidays are a high business period for hotels. However, there is definitely a technique to the seeming craziness.


RateGain Announces Strategic Partnership with Trendtelligent

Yangon, Myanmar – Trendtelligent, a pioneering technology consulting and services company with a focus on the hospitality and travel industries, today announced its strategic alliance with RateGain Travel Technologies Private Limited, a leading provider of cloud-based hospitality and travel technology solutions across the globe. Sharing this news, Mr. Kartikeya Tripathi, Managing Director, Trendtelligent said, “The…

Ankur, Deanna Jayasundera and the team of Theme Spas And Resorts

The Brilliant Hotelier: Face to face with Deanna Jayasundera from Theme Resorts and Spas, Sri Lanka

Image (from left to right): Ankur Yadav, Manager Sales, RateGain (extreme left), Kunwardeep Singh, Manager Account Management, RateGain (extreme right), Deanna Jeyasundera, AM, E-commerce and the rest of the team of Theme Resorts and Spas, Sri Lanka. Theme Resorts and Spa’s, celebrated to feature some of the best resorts in Sri Lanka offers a new concept…

RateGain and H-Hotels Announce Strategic Partnership

  Bad Arolsen, Hesse, 9th January 2017; RateGain Technologies and H-Hotels AG today announced a strategic partnership that will expand the reach of RateGain’s distribution manager to continually optimize rate, inventory and OTA restrictions for H-Hotels. Through this partnership, both the parties plan to deliver integrations, which outline how and where hotels can simplify day-to-day tasks,…